Sustainability Framework

Our CRS involves meeting the needs of her stakeholders without compromising the ability of future stakeholders to meet their needs and aspirations. It goes beyond financing economic activity in a responsible way to ensuring an inclusive, positive impact on our communities. These are adequately embedded in the following strategic pillars:

our CRS Vision

Regulations: National Insurance Commission (NAICOM)

The industry regulators, National Insurance Commission, NAICOM, are saddled with the task of ensuring (as well as the enforcement) all Insurance companies comply with stated rules and regulations governing the practice of insurance in Nigeria. As a responsible insurer with a heritage to protect, we have always ensured compliance with all NAICOM regulations. In dealing with associated pressures and regulations, our strategy is to ensure we never run afoul of every regulation by sticking to stated guidelines. We also keep abreast of latest news and updates from the regulators, this ensures we have a constantly updated information from the body.

1. Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening (in collaboration with Rotary Club)

Breast and cervical cancer are the most common types of cancer affecting women in Nigeria. It is said that cervical cancer on its own kills more women than HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined while breast cancer is the leading female malignancy in the world. According to the recent findings of the international agency for research on Cancer (IARC), striking patterns of cancer in women highlights that priority should be given to cancer prevention and control measures regarding breast and cervical cancer globally. As with many types of cancer, successful treatment of breast and cervical cancer is linked to early detection. This is why FBNInsurance, in line with a key FBN Holdings strategic pillar on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (Community Support), partnered with the Rotary Club of Omole Golden, Lagos, to fund the Breast and Cervical Screening/Vaccination exercise for 500 school girls and market women in select locations in the metropolis. The exercise which held at the premises of Ifako Ijaye Health Centre, Ogba, Lagos, witnessed a large turnout of women from all walks of life including senior secondary school girls from neighboring High Schools.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening (in collaboration with Rotary Club)

2. Mother’s Day 2016 (in collaboration with R-Wells Media)

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” – Robert Browning. No one can argue the place of mothers in every home and in every heart. This is perhaps a major reason R-Wells Media, owners of Jive TV, a new generation TV outfit with a strong leaning towards women empowerment and total child development, organised a Mother’s Day event to appreciate and reward mothers annually. At this event, mothers (and their spouses) from all over the country are hosted to a sumptuous evening. At the 2016 event held in Ikeja, the media outfit celebrated mothers and motherhood with a unique get-together, the high point of which was the announcement of Nollywood star and veteran communicator, Iretiola Doyle, as Mother of the Year. Various health talks focused on women as well as investment ideas to help the home were delivered at the well-attended event.

Mother’s Day 2016 (in collaboration with R-Wells Media)

3. Cerebral Palsy Awareness Support (with Benola Cerebral Palsy Initiative)

Cerebral Palsy is one of the groups of non-progressive, non-contagious limitations of movements that eventually leads to various types of physical disability in affected persons. Its impact can range from a weakness in one hand, to almost a complete lack of voluntary movement. Benola is a not-for-profit organization working to change the face of Cerebral Palsy in Africa in order to ensure that those living with this unique condition enjoy the best quality of life possible under the circumstances in which they find themselves. The Initiative is focused on professionally networking families, friends, health care professionals, care givers and educators in order to keep them abreast of current trends and options available for better management of Cerebral palsy. We provided support for the National Cerebral Palsy Family Forum in line with the Health and Welfare leg of our community support strategic initiative. The support came in the form of cash and merchandise donation.

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Support (with Benola Cerebral Palsy Initiative)

4. Dress A Child For School Project (in partnership with Jakins NGO)

This an annual project organized by Jakins Limited, a non-governmental organization based in Lagos geared towards providing basic school items (school uniforms, socks, sandals, school bags etc) to orphaned and vulnerable children in Lagos State. It is held every year on September 8, to commemorate the International Literacy Day. The 2016 edition, being the 7th edition, aimed at reaching 500 children, a figure that was eventually surpassed on d-day. Since inception in 2010, 2,250 orphans and vulnerable children in Lagos State have benefitted from this initiative. In support of the initiative, we part-sponsored the purchase of Stationeries for 500 children.

Dress A Child For School Project (in partnership with Jakins NGO)

5. Adopt-A-Child Initiative

The Adopt-A-Child initiative is part of our CR&S activities in giving back to the society in which we operate. Early in 2016, we opened offices in select locations in Nigeria, one of which was Abraka, a coastal University town in Delta State. To announce our entry into that location and in line with our Education CR&S strategic objective, we gave scholarships to 50 promising primary school students of Aragba Orogun Primary School, Ughelli LGA, Delta State. The scholarship covers uniforms and notebooks for one session. We hope to replicate this initiative on an annual basis in other locations in Nigeria where we have our Retail business operations.

Adopt-A-Child Initiative

6. Staff Gift Drive

Our Staff Gift drive programe, is an in-house scheme that encourages members of staff to donate various items to a common cause. Every yuletide, members of staff contribute several items including toys, food items, groceries, pieces of clothing etc. these items are then donated to a pre-identified charity organization or Home. In 2016, we donated various food items, toys, beverages and a cash amount to the Down Syndrome Foundation. The companies donated various food items, toys, beverages and a cash amount to the management of the Foundation. The items were largely raised through the companies’ annual Staff Gift drive, an in-house scheme that encourages members of staff of both companies to donate various items to a common cause.

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