Corporate Products

We offer you a variety of Corporate Insurance products that suit every stage of your business, with unique benefits tailor-made to match your business needs as you grow.

This policy is designed to pay the outstanding debt in the event that the borrower dies, is permanently disabled or loses his job.

Group Welfare plan encourages regular savings and pays out a guaranteed sum to a named beneficiary in case of the passing of the life assured.

Group Life Assurance offers members of a particular group, society, club or association a life protection plan that takes care of them in case of any stated…

This policy provides cover against the loss of profits or financial loss a company may suffer on the death of a key employee/senior executive that is critical to…

Mortgage Protection Assurance is a policy that guarantees the payment of outstanding balance in respect of the loan given by a financial institution.

This is a unique healthcare solution that allows those living in Nigeria to be able to access international medical treatment which delivers optimum healthcare whilst maintaining value for money.

This policy provides a sum assured to named beneficiary(ies) upon the death of the policy holder within a specified period of time (i.e. policy duration)

Tuition Protection Plan is specifically designed to guarantee the completion of a child’s education in the event of death of a parent or guardian.

Welfare Protection Assurance is an annual renewable policy which provides a lump sum benefit to the beneficiary/beneficiaries of a deceased member…

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