Mortgage Protection Plan

Mortgage Protection Assurance is a policy that guarantees the payment of outstanding balance in respect of the loan given by a financial institution (Mortgagee) to a Life Assured (Mortgagor). The policy covers death but could be extended to cover permanent disability.


  • The policy guarantees a sum assured which should be sufficient to repay the outstanding loan at any time during the duration of the policy
  • Protects one’s estate and property
  • Saves the family from embarrassment of the deceased’s property being impounded by the lender
  • Single or annual premium consistent with value of property/estate
  • Premium can be paid through the following channels:
  • Complete a direct debit form
  • Complete a standing instruction form with your bank
  • Electronic transfer from your account to our account
  • Deposit into our bank account
  • Please include your name and policy number on all payments.

Please do not pay cash to/through our Financial Advisor or staff.

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