SmartHealth International Plan

A unique healthcare solution that allows those living in Nigeria to be able to access international medical treatment which delivers optimum healthcare whilst maintaining value for money.

This solution has been developed in partnership with Collinson, a global leader of international medical, security and travel risk management services.

SmartHealth International is a NAICOM approved health insurance proposition. It is designed to complement local cover by providing cover for treatment abroad should an employee or family member develop a critical medical condition that cannot adequately be treated in Nigeria.

SmartHealth International plan designed to meet the needs of many:

• Provides cover for complex and critical care treatments including cancer, cardiac, renal and complex surgery.

• Access to medical evacuation and repatriation services to and from our designated centres of excellence.

• Access to a digital advisory international primary care service delivered by qualified UK healthcare professionals.

• The partnership between FBN Insurance Limited and Collinson combines the expertise of world leading insurance and medical assistance specialists.

Read our Brochure to find out more details on SmartHealth International’s product features. If you have any questions, please revert to our FAQ form or the SmartHealth International Policy Wording.

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Tailored Benefits

• Assistance is given when treatment is not available or cannot be treated adequately locally in Nigeria

• Complex and critical care treatments are covered

Access to international medical support with annual limits of up to $200,000

• Compassionate visits included for family member when being treated abroad

• Claims and assistance services delivered by Collinson

*subject to eligibility

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