Term Assurance Plan

This policy provides a sum assured to named beneficiary(ies) upon the death of the policy holder within a specified period of time (i.e. policy duration).

Money Back Guarantee:

The policy holder has the right to cancel the policy within 30 days of commencement and receive all premiums paid provided that no benefit has yet been paid or claimed.

Waiting Period:

  • A waiting period of 6 months is applicable on this policy. Within this period, no claims can be made on any death resulting from natural causes.
  • The waiting period for the other covered members (parents and parents-in-laws and the wider family) is one year, if death occurs by natural causes.
  • There is no waiting period applicable if death is by accident.

Please do not pay cash to/through our Financial Advisor or staff.

  • Premium can be paid through the following channels:
  • Complete a direct debit form
  • Complete a standing instruction form with your bank
  • Electronic transfer from your account to our account
  • Deposit into our bank account
  • Please include your name and policy number on all payments.

Please do not pay cash to/through our Financial Advisor or staff.

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