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The retirement party was as colourful as the celebrant’s career. For the retiring paediatrician, Dr. Sylvanus Ikechukwu, however, his mind was far from the back-slapping and wine-guzzling going on around him. He knew exactly what he wanted in retirement.


Surely, he was not going to take up any job again having worked actively for the past 41 of his 69 years, sacrificing family and his youth for the Hippocratic Oath. Now that the children were already fathers and mothers themselves, he was determined to spend the rest of his life seeing the modern world with Anne, his devoted wife of 43 years. But the snag was choosing the right investment he could always fall back on.


”Happy retirement, Uncle.” Chidinma, his niece who worked as an Annuity Sales Manager at FBNInsurance, interrupted his soliloquy. A couple of you’re-now-a-big-girl, where-is-your-husband pleasantries later, Chidinma had introduced her company’s Guaranteed Lifetime Retirement Income plan to him. It was exactly what the venerable doctor needed: salary for life.


Retiring soon or know someone who is? Be like Dr. Ikechukwu, choose FBNInsurance Guaranteed Lifetime Retirement Income plan.


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