Pay Goodness Forward.

When the family head informed Paulinus of the demise of Mazi Okafor, he knew it was time to once again fulfil his moral and familial obligations.


A village boy who rose to become a top executive at a thriving oil servicing firm in Port Harcourt, Paulinus, son of Okpala the palmwine tapper, owed his entire career to four people. After he lost his dad at the age of eight, some elders wanted him to take up his dad’s business. But a group of four, led by the now-late Mazi Okafor, insisted he continued his schooling. This group ensured his tuition and other sundry fees were paid as at due up till the University. In gratitude, as he made money, he ensured they enjoyed the good things of life as they advanced in years.


Last year, he had buried one of them, the one her August Meeting mates nicknamed ‘Classy’. Aunty Classy’s funeral had cost him a sizeable amount. Knowing he still had three others he owed the very best, he sought support. He found it in the FBNInsurance Extended Family Support Plan, a policy that would conveniently take care of the funeral expenses of the remaining three of them when they joined their ancestors.


When Uncle Paul, another of the original four, died in a road accident seven months after Aunty Classy, the claim on the policy came in handy. Now, Mazi Okafor. Surely, the old man deserved a befitting burial.


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